About Vexlio

Lean and Mean

Vexlio aims to be lightweight, fast, and targeted at specific use cases. Other solutions out there are expensive (and accordingly stuffed with features) but in many cases, a lot of those features you paid for go unused. We’ve identified a set of the most common tasks in creating technical diagrams, and based on that research we created Vexlio, the best solution to accomplish them.

Our minimalist philosophy is present in all areas of Vexlio, from its clean and simple UI to the portability of the program itself. Vexlio can run from virtually anywhere, including from a USB stick.

Born in Academia

It’s somewhat of a secret in academia, but appearances matter. Low-quality visual aids for academic work can negatively impact its reception (consciously or not), and high-quality visual aids can communicate a sense of care and effort that is hopefully reflected in the academic work itself.

We built Vexlio on top of our own experiences writing and publishing peer-reviewed technical papers. We were dissatisfied with the options already out there for making high-quality and precise diagrams, and so we set out to create in Vexlio the program that we wanted to use.