Easy Precision

Below is a sampling of the features that Vexlio offers for fast, easy creation of technical diagrams. We think we’ve identified a set of minimal but extremely useful features and tools, and built Vexlio around them. If we had to summarize Vexlio in a phrase, “easy precision” would be it.

Much of the power of Vexlio is the robust automatic snapping system that forms its foundation. No more time spent making careful, tedious manual adjustments to ensure the objects in your diagrams are visually lined up. With Vexlio, lines, arrowheads, and other objects snap into perfect geometric alignment every time.

Vexlio also provides a number of useful tools, such as native LaTeX equation editing and quick object duplication, that you will find indispensible for your technical diagrams.

Don’t take our word for it — download Vexlio now and try it for yourself! You can also take a look at our User Guide for a quick guide on how to use Vexlio.

[Auto-snap and align](/automatic-object-snapping) objects for easy precision.


Automatic snapping guides eliminate guesswork, and allow you to easily align objects in your diagrams. Spend more time illustrating your content rather than worrying about small misalignments.

[Natively embed LaTeX](/latex-equation-editing) equations directly in your diagrams.

LaTeX Equations

Live-edit native LaTeX equations directly in your diagrams. The equations are inserted as first-class vector objects, so they stay smooth and sharp when scaled and transformed.

Smart tools make you more productive by making common tasks easy.

High Productivity

Hit the ground running with powerful tools finely-tuned for common diagramming tasks. Quickly see your complex ideas come to life.

Powerful Bezier curve and boolean path operations for complex illustrations.


Create complex, geometrically perfect shapes with compound boolean path operations. Full Bezier curve support allows easy construction and reshaping of paths.

Export to high-quality [PDF](/pdf-support) and [SVG](/svg-support), automatically cropped to your diagram.

Export to PDF

Export your diagrams directly to vector formats PDF and SVG for high-fidelity reproduction. Great for posters or other large-scale, high-quality graphics needs. Exported PDFs are automatically cropped to exactly fit your diagram.

Create or import custom reusable prefab objects, then drag-and-drop into your drawing.

Prefab Library

Build up a library of reusable objects that you can drag-and-drop into your drawings. Create prefabs from objects in your drawing, or import existing files as prefabs.

Never run out of room with the infinite canvas. Infinite pan and zoom.

Infinite Canvas

No artifical page constraints. Instead, draw your diagrams on an infinite canvas where you can move the viewport freely. Infinitely-high zoom means no limits on precision.

Freely switch between normal and live-edit "program mode" if you prefer to draw diagrams with code.

Program mode

Create your diagrams entirely with live-edit Lua code, or freely switch back and forth to normal mode. Program-mode diagrams are “first class” in Vexlio, so if you save a drawing in program mode, it saves your commands and opens up in program mode right where you left off. See the User Guide for more information.

Other Features


Extend Vexlio with custom functionality you create yourself, or get from others.


Instant feedback by immediately showing transform, resize, and other operations as they happen.


Vexlio's minimal and visually clean UI keeps focus on the most important part: your drawing.


You can run Vexlio from virtually anywhere, even directly from a USB stick.

Auto crop export

When exporting, Vexlio automatically crops to selected objects, the whole drawing, or the current viewport.

Align and distribute

At the click of a button, align the selected objects or path nodes, or space them out perfectly evenly.

Path editing

Insert and remove nodes to edit and refine Bezier paths, or split and weld path segments.

Text wrapping

Automatic word wrapping when creating text inside of shapes such as rectangles.


Convert any object to a path, or even convert just the object stroke to a path.

Shape tools

Create standard shapes such as circles, ellipses, rectangles, squares, as well as polygons with any number of sides.


Vexlio is a desktop application, so you don't need to be connected to the internet to work on your drawings.