Object Snapping Speeds Up Your Workflow

Easy Precision through Snapping

Technical diagramming can be a tedious process if you continually have to make manual adjustments to ensure the objects in your diagrams are visually lined up. And keeping consistent and exact alignment is key to making your diagrams look great. Vexlio’s powerful and robust automatic snapping system will speed up your diagramming workflow by getting objects lined up right on the first try.

Align-snapping the smaller rectangle to the centerline of the larger rectangle by dragging it until the red dotted guide line appears.

Intelligent and contextual snapping guides pop up as you move your mouse across the objects in your drawing. Minor corrections are continuously made to your mouse movement to snap your cursor into exactly the right place.

No more guesswork

Small details can easily change the perceived quality of your diagrams. For example, a small visual overlap between a box and a line connected to it can be distracting, and detract from the overall quality of the diagram. You may be used to spending hours making tiny tweaks, guessing when objects and connecting lines are lined up so that there are no small visual problems like that.

Vexlio’s snapping system eliminates that guesswork. You’ll know when objects are lined up perfectly, and with the visual feedback, you’ll almost feel them snap into the right position.

Toggle on and off

There are times when snapped and aligned objects may not be what you want. Snapping is easy to toggle on and off in Vexlio, and can be done at any time. Turn off snapping to make a visual adjustment, and turn it back on when you need it.

What else does Vexlio do?

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