Works with Windows 7/8/10.

32-bit version available here.


Works with macOS 10.11+.

What's Next?

The link above will download the limited trial version, which you're free to play around with to try out Vexlio. You can head over to our User Guide if you'd like a quick guide on how to use Vexlio.

In the trial version, the number of objects per drawing you can create is limited, and a small watermark is included along the bottom edge of exported images.

If you're ready to activate the full-featured version of Vexlio, you can purchase a license key now.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Release Notes

2018-07-01: v1.2.2

  • New: Add new snap-to-grid setting. Enable the grid in the Snapping menu, and change the grid size in the Drawing Properties dialog.

  • New: Add left, center, and right-justify buttons for text alignment.

  • New (Mac): Drawings now autosave in the background while editing to better conform to the Apple HIG. This also enables macOS-native document versioning and unsaved changes confirmations.

  • Fix not being able to save program mode drawings in an error state (e.g. with a syntax error).

  • (Mac) Fix several crashes when editing in program mode.

  • (Mac) Fix tab key not switching between text boxes in some views.

2018-04-02: v1.2.1

  • New: Add ability to use a custom LaTeX installation and preamble. See the new settings in the Preferences dialog.

  • New: Add endcap choices to path Object Properties.

  • Fix documents being marked as modified after exporting when document remains unmodified.

  • Fix bounding box calculation for some degenerate path cases.

  • Fix potential crash when adding arrowheads to empty paths.

  • Fix crash when drag-and-dropping SVG files with unknown or invalid elements.

  • (Mac) Fix window title sometimes displaying a modified marker when document is unmodified.

  • (Mac) Fix crash when adding prefab categories by drag-and-dropping a folder onto the prefab library window.

2017-11-13: v1.2.0

  • New: Add new plugin system with several built-in plugins. Please see the about page or the user guide for more information. You can optionally disable or entirely remove plugins.

  • New: Add re-export menu item, which overwrites the last exported image without asking for confirmation.

  • New: Add "subtract topmost from all" path operation.

  • New: Many new Lua API functions.

  • Add several new keyboard shortcuts.

  • Many improvements and fixes to text editing.

  • Fix export dialog not remembering file format and name.

  • Fix equation tool not opening with selected equation code.

  • Fix equations inserting as blank objects in certain installation environments.

  • Fix equation tool not deactivating on Escape key press.

  • Fix duplicate objects reordering when dragging with Control (or Command) pressed.

  • Fix images not being pasted at the mouse location.

  • Fix array tool potential crash when undoing array creating while dragging array handles.

  • Fix tool shortcuts not working when text tool is active but not editing.

  • (Windows) Fix rare crash when copying text due to race condition with system clipboard.

  • (Mac) Fix system beep noises occuring sometimes on key presses.

  • (Mac) Fix potential crash when pasting images from external programs.

  • (Mac) Fix color picker not getting correct color when clicking on swatch.

  • (Mac) Fix middle mouse button and space bar dragging not panning the drawing.

2017-09-18: v1.1.2

  • New: Add "duplicate objects in a circle" tool. Please see the user guide for documentation.

  • New: Add ability to call Vexlio from the command line. Please see the user guide for documentation.

  • New: Add Preferences window containing editable default settings.

  • Fix array tool UI handles staying visible after undoing arrayed object creation.

  • Fix array editing after it has been scaled.

  • Fix array properties UI incorrectly being visible when different tool is active.

  • Fix crash when editing duplicated object properties of arrays with a single object.

  • Fix several equation serialization bugs.

  • Fix potential crash during export of equations when nested in groups.

  • (Windows) Fix double-undo bug when using up/down stepper text fields.

  • (Mac) Fix color picker not showing alpha setting.

  • (Mac) Fix export dialog not pre-filling the filename.

  • (Mac) Fix trial version UI bug when using Revert to Saved.

  • (Mac) Fix copy-paste not working between windows.

2017-08-26: v1.1.1

  • (Mac) Important note for Mac users: There is a known issue with the auto-updater in version 1.1.0. If you experience issues using the auto-updater, please download and use the regular installer above. It will perform an in-place upgrade.

  • Fix export-related bug that could cause a crash when exporting drawings with many text objects.

  • Fix SVG serialization bug for degenerate text objects.

  • Fix undoing text edits after a text re-flow.

  • Fix text UI after undoing a text re-flow.

  • Fix text UI appearing in wrong place after undoing a text transformation while editing.

  • (Mac) Fix issue where scrolling on the trackpad could sometimes zoom the drawing instead of moving the canvas.

  • (Mac) Fix Quickstart window closing immediately on startup.

  • (Mac) Fix crash when selecting objects with unknown dash style types (e.g. from SVG file imports).

  • (Mac) Fix color picker window not working properly when switching drawings.

2017-08-21: v1.1.0

  • Mac version released! The Mac version is identical in feature set to the Windows version, and new features in the future will be released simultaneously for Mac and Windows. Items in the release notes will be prefixed with (Mac) or (Windows) if the item is platform-specific, otherwise it can be assumed to affect both platforms.

  • Add binary path operation bindings to Program Mode.

  • Fix bug where a closed path with less than 3 nodes could result in misbehaving dashes.

  • Fix bug of not being able to select groups after undoing an ungroup operation.

  • Fix several SVG import/export bugs.

  • Fix crash when scaling paths with circle arrowhead.

  • Fix crash when undoing a stroke to path operation with more than one path.

  • (Windows) Fix some inaccurate tooltips.

2017-07-17: v1.0.4

  • Add new prefab library feature. Vexlio comes with several premade prefabs ready to use, and more will be added with future releases. The Vexlio-included prefabs are released under the CC0 license, so you are free to use them in your work for any purpose. Please see the Prefab Library section of the user guide for a brief introduction.

  • Fix issue where drawings saved as SVG could have a clipped appearance in the SVG file.

  • Several other minor bugfixes.

2017-07-06: v1.0.3

  • Several small but important improvements of scaling behavior of paths with arrowheads.

  • Fix bug when trying to convert an object of 0 size to a path.

  • Fix crash on resizing the main window to 0 width or height.

2017-06-22: v1.0.2

  • Add new export mode for arbitrary region selection.

  • Add Ctrl-D "duplicate in place" operation in Edit menu.

  • Add option to keep export window open after exporting.

  • Fix a crash that could occur in program mode when supplying NaNs.

  • Fix minor SVG parsing bug with 0-radius arcs.

  • Fix two uncommon text editing crashes.

  • Fix program mode documentation URL.

  • Improved detail of crash report.

2017-06-16: v1.0.1

  • Fix a crash seen in non-English locales when creating an equation object.

  • Fix several serialization bugs in non-English locales that could affect save/load.

2017-06-13: Initial release v1.0.0

  • Initial public release.

  • When new versions are released, we will update this page with a list of new features and bug fixes contained in the new version. The download link will also be updated to the latest version.