Edit LaTeX Equations with Vexlio

Natively Embed and Edit LaTeX Equations

If you write technical or scientific documents, you know how crucial it is to have supporting equations in your diagrams and figures. In the academic and professional world, LaTeX is among the most widely used equation editing and typesetting systems. Vexlio is diagramming software that lets you easily insert and edit LaTeX equations natively in your diagrams, with instant visual feedback as you edit:

Natively edit LaTeX equations directly in your diagrams.

Live preview as you type

For complex equations, LaTeX can sometimes be a little tricky to get right. But with Vexlio, the LaTeX live-preview feature lets you see the equation update as you type, removing guesswork and the need for careful manual checking of the LaTeX code.

Always editable

When you insert equation objects in a Vexlio drawing, the LaTeX code used to create them will be saved when you save the drawing. That means you can always come back and edit the LaTeX for any equation, even after saving and loading the drawing.

Equations are inserted into your diagrams as vector objects, so they stay smooth and sharp as they scale. You can take your diagram with equations and export to PDF, and the equations will stay smooth and sharp at any scale.

What else does Vexlio do?

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