Create PDFs with Vexlio

Create High Quality Diagram PDFs

With Vexlio, you can easily create high-quality PDF diagrams by exporting your drawings to the PDF format.

Just like SVG, with PDFs your diagrams and drawings will be crisp and smooth at any scale. With the same PDF file, you can have clear diagrams embedded small enough to fit in the margin of a paper, or large enough for a poster centerpiece.

Automatic cropping

Vexlio’s powerful and flexible export system will automatically crop the PDF size to the exact size of your drawing, with no extra work. You can even selectively export only the objects that are currently selected in the drawing. Automatic cropping makes it extremely easy to export your diagrams in PDF and seamlessly insert them into a paper or presentation.

No more blurry diagrams

Because PDFs (and vector graphics formats in general) encode drawings as a set of coordinates and values, that means the drawing can be infinitely scaled up and down without losing any quality. You can take the same PDF file and make a postage stamp from it, or blow it up large enough to fit on a billboard.

If you use Vexlio to create PDF diagrams, this means you can use the same file to fit your diagram in the margin of a paper as well as the centerpiece of a poster.

What else does Vexlio do?

Check out all the other great features Vexlio has to help you easily and quickly create your technical diagrams.

Make it easy on yourself to illustrate complex concepts.

Draw technical diagrams faster with powerful auto-snap and intelligent tools. Export to high-quality PDF and SVG.
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