Create SVGs with Vexlio

Full SVG Export Support

With Vexlio, you can both import existing SVG files and export your diagrams as SVG files.

Because SVG is a widely-supported format, exporting as SVG allows you to embed your diagrams in a wide variety of environments. And, due to the nature of vector graphics, your diagrams and drawings will be crisp and smooth at any scale, from postage stamp size to billboard, and beyond. No more blurry images!

What is SVG?

Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG, is an open vector graphics format developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). SVG uses a descriptive and concise language to encode a picture in terms of concrete values and drawing commands. This is as opposed to raster graphics, which encode pictures in terms of individual colors for every pixel.

No more blurry diagrams

Because SVG (and vector graphics formats in general, like PDF) encode drawings as a set of coordinates and values, that means the drawing can be infinitely scaled up and down without losing any quality. You can take the same SVG file and make a postage stamp from it, or blow it up large enough to fit on a billboard.

When it comes to diagrams you make with Vexlio, this means you can use the same file to fit your diagram in the margin of a paper as well as the centerpiece of a poster.

If you want to put your figures or diagrams into a webpage, SVG is an excellent choice as well, as your figure will look good on any screen resolution with no extra work. All modern web browsers can display SVGs natively.

What else does Vexlio do?

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Draw technical diagrams faster with powerful auto-snap and intelligent tools. Export to high-quality PDF and SVG.
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